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Monday, March 28, 2011

trip recap: Day 1

Hello from Ethiopia!
We arrived safely this morning around 8:00 Ethiopia time. Wow...we were tired, hungry, and crabby. We had a 6 hour layover Sunday morning in Washington DC, so our wonderful friends, The Fiore's, graciously picked us up and took us to their house. They used to be stationed in El Paso and moved almost a year ago. It was soooo great to see them.
And great to leave the airport and have real food too. :)

Our flight from DC to Ethiopia was long and uneventful. We were able to score bulkhead seats which means there was no one sitting in front of us and we had extra leg room. Neither one of us slept very well and the flight seemed never-ending. We made it through customs and got our visas fairly quickly and then headed to our guest house. Its amazing how the smells and sights of Ethiopia greeted us the second we stepped out of the was like we never left. We checked into our guest house and called Hope. They did not answer and since we were both starving, we left for lunch shortly after getting showers. We finally made our way to Hope at 1:00 this afternoon. Levi is forever in our arms!!! What a great feeling!!! His hair has grown a lot since we were here last time. 

We met two other families and exchanged info with them. We did our paperwork at the Hope office for tomorrow's Embassy appointment and paid a few fees. We ended our day at Hope with a coffee ceremony with the other family. I loved our time there but was anxious to get Levi to the guest house. Jason and I both are running on fumes. Which is why this email is so choppy. I'm forcing myself to stay awake for dinner and then hopefully we'll get some good sleep tonight. I was a little emotional driving back to the guest house with Levi...I kept thinking...this is really it!!! We've been back for about 2 hours and have successfully given Levi a bath, a bottle and a nap. I'd say we're off to a good start. :) Tomorrow is the embassy appointment and after talking with one of the families today, who had their appointment this morning, I'm not worried.

I can't hardly see to type this email, so I'll let you go. The bottom line is we made it and Levi is with us forever!!!  A great day for the Glover family. :)

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