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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

catching up

a lot has happened since the last post. we are now living in oklahoma and jason is no longer in the army. he has decided to part ways with the military and entered the business world. he is now working for state farm and after one week on the job, is happy and feels like he made the right decision. it was hard to leave ft. bliss because i've made so many wonderful friends there. the army family is like nothing else in this world. so it was hard to say good-bye to the friends and hard to say good-bye to the army. but, i am looking forward to this next chapter in our lives. levi is still a happy baby. he has entered full-blown attachment to mom phase. which is good. its great, actually. there are times when i wish that he wasn't so attached to when i really just want to eat my dinner and someone is offering to hold him. but, i think its a good sign and very healthy. speaking of healthy, i took him to the doctor last week...and he now weighs 16.9 pounds!! he's growing and has a big appetite. we have pretty much skipped baby food. it only lasted for about 4 weeks and then he became not interested. he would rather have the real deal and he would prefer to feed himself. he's still such a sweet boy. most of the time you can find him babbling to himself and smiling all day. the move and transition has been hard, but he has done well. we've been at a hotel, at our new house, or at both grandma's houses since leaving el paso. and he has only slept in his crib at home 3 nights in the last two weeks. he has his moments...but really,  you can't blame him. we are currently in st. louis visiting my family. i'm enjoying my time here, but ready to get back home, finish unpacking and get settled into our new routine. Levi met my parents and siblings yesterday and was a big hit! everyone loves him!! hopefully, once we get settled back in at home i'll be able to blog more. here are a few pictures of the last few weeks!
levi...10 months old. march 6, 2011

levi's baptism. april 10, 2011
the new house

at cattleman's steakhouse in texas