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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Time in El Paso

Well, this was the first Christmas that I didn't spend with any family. I cried at first, but it turned out to be a great day. We had a relaxing morning. Drinking coffee. Eating breakfast. Opening presents. We even managed to take the bike out for a ride to Starbucks. We enjoyed dinner with friends. And ended the night playing games with more friends. Its fun to think about how different next year will be. We won't be able to sit and sip coffee all morning. We'll be chasing Levi around and assembling toys!! I can't hardly wait!! So even though I was sad to not be with family, I soaked up the time alone with Jason, cherishing this last Christmas just the two of us.

Jason preached a few weeks ago and I've thought a lot about his sermon since then. It was a Christmas message and the focus was on the Christmas story. Jason challenged us to see that the story of Christmas isn't just about Jesus being born. It's actually a rescue story. or a rescue plan. God's rescue plan. And so this Christmas season, I've found comfort in knowing that despite my failures. Despite my sin. Despite the fall world we live in. God sent His Son to save us. Our prayer is that you too, will find comfort in God's rescue plan this year.

It's now a couple of days past Christmas. I'm anxiously waiting for it to be January. This time next month we'll be IN Ethiopia. That's crazy to me. It still seems so far away, but I know it will be here before we know it. Sweet baby Levi, we'll be there soon. We can't wait to meet you. And to hold you. To kiss you. To tell you how much we l
ove you. See you soon!!

Jason opening up his gifts
me opening up a box from my parents with goodies for Levi
out for a Christmas treat at Starbucks
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Court Date!!

We have a court date!!! JANUARY 28, 2011. :)

Tuesday morning I was sitting at the computer, drinking coffee, facebooking, blog stalking, and waiting for my friend Christie to get here so I could take her to the airport. A new email popped up and I casually clicked on my email to check it. (I say casually, because I've been a bit obsessed lately about checking email in hopes of a court date.) So, I see an email from our agency. The subject line is "update." I think nothing of it because I'm pretty sure I've beyond annoyed them with my impatience. I figure they are just letting me know there is still no date. BUT! To my surprise, I read the email and it says,

Hello Lindsay,

You have a court date of 1/28/11.

Pretty plain jane if you ask me. But, I don't care...I literally jumped up and down. Cried for a second. Took a lap around the house. And then called Jason. No answer. That's ok. He'll call back. 2 minutes later I call him again. (I'm SUPER impatient) No answer. I send him a text. I call his government cell. I call his personal cell. This goes on for about 3 hours. He was in a meeting...go figure. Anyway...I finally got to tell Daddy that we have a court date and we will be traveling to Ethiopia in January.

I gotta tell ya that after it all sunk in and I really thought about it, I was disappointed. That's 2 months away. That means Levi can't come home until March-ish. He'll be almost 9 months old. I want him now. I went to PWOC the next day, and my sweet friend Marta, gently chastised me for not being grateful for the court date. She reminded me that we prayed for a court date, and God delivered. Talk about a smack in the face. Thank you Marta for reminding me of God's goodness and helping me to be grateful for the blessing of a court date.

Since the news of our date, I've been a little overwhelmed with thinking about the plans of our trip. Unfortunately, I don't think our agency is being all that helpful. I won't go into details, but I feel like I've learned more about the trip from stalking other blogs. Its super frustrating to feel so in the dark when preparing for such a big trip. I feel like every time I ask questions, I'm a bother to the staff at our agency.

At the end of the day, what makes me happy, is knowing that next month we get to meet our baby. We get to hold him. kiss him. love on him. and tell him just how much we love him. That makes me happy.

I feel like I should add some kind of picture. I hate reading tons of words and seeing no pictures on other people's blogs. So...this is random, but here is the most recent picture we have. It's from family day for Jason's unit. Some of the guys (including Jason) spent a week in the field, and then they invited us out for a few hours. We explored some tank like vehicles. Watched them shoot stuff. Ate chow. (gross) And sat through a change of command ceremony. Jason prayed since he's the chaplain and all...he looked super cute...I was looking!!!