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Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 2

So, first things first, there is an issue with our embassy date. please pray now that it will get resolved. A guy from our agency showed up at the guest house this morning to tell me that they took our payment to the embassy and the embassy said we weren't scheduled for today and that they never sent the email. Luckily, they've already called the director in St. Louis, and he has already emailed the proof. We plan on showing up at the embassy anyway, so pray that it gets resolved quickly.

In other news, we had a great night last night. We ate dinner and then went back upstairs and fed Levi some baby food, which he ate like a champ. We got him ready for bed and he fell asleep so easily. He did finally cry yesterday...but its the sweetest little cry you've ever heard. It was soft and sweet and he was frustrated. The nurse at the orphanage wrote his current schedule down for me and it said that they put the babies to bed at 6:30 and then they get a bottle at 10:30. He went to bed around 7:30 and woke up around 11, took a bottle, and went right back to sleep. He woke up around 6:30 this morning, happy as he could be. He is pray that he gets better. The owner of the guest house suggested we take him to a doctor before we leave. I am going to talk the nurse today. He is congested, has a little cough, and a runny nose. But, all the babies were that way yesterday at the orphanage. He was only getting 2 bottles a day at the orphanage, so we've changed that. He's still the same size as when we were here in January. But, he can put weight on his little legs now!! We gave him a bottle this morning, went to breakfast, then went back up to the room. He had a lovely poopy diaper, which Jason changed because I was gagging. Rookie mom...give me a break. We got the new diaper on, and then he pooped again. He is now sleeping. I don't think he feels well and other parents have warned me that they sense a huge change and are sometimes just this way. But, overall, he's very happy and content. Jason and I both slept well last night. We went to bed right after Levi. I got up with him at 11 and did the bottle, but went right back to sleep. I did wake up around 2 and had trouble falling back asleep. But, all in all, it was a great night. We love just staring at him, listening to his sweet baby sounds, and admiring what a precious gift God has given us. I think its safe to say we're obsessed. :)

I will try to email again tonight to let you know how the embassy turned out. I'm not super worried at this point because we have the email proving that we have a date.

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. 

Hey! We cleared the Embassy!!! We arrived early at the embassy and our agency had already cleared things up. We were interviewed and then he said, congrats! We will pick up his passport and visa Thursday morning. We are so relieved. :) We had a great day. We took our agency rep out to lunch after the Embassy appointment and then spent some time at Hope. Jason is in dire need of diet coke, and after we left Hope, we spent an hour driving around trying to find "coca cola light" but did not find it. We came back, fed Levi and then ate dinner. We are the only americans at our guest house this time and we are enjoying talking with the germans. Jason is giving Levi a bottle and then we're all off to bed. Levi got a good nap this morning, but then never really napped this afternoon. You would think he would be fussy...but not one cry. He's such a good baby!!

Thanks for praying. The last hurdle is to actually get the passport
and visa in our hands. We are looking forward to getting home and
getting settled.

ready to head to the embassy appointment
 a series of pictures capturing Levi's personality:

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