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Monday, March 7, 2011

drama & weekend recap

well, here we are, 4 days away from leaving. our flights at this point are just reservations. why? because Jason's commander told him he can't go. he's in a new unit and when we found out friday that we had our embassy appointment, he went straight to the S2 to ask for leave. (in my opinion, the army sometimes has too much control on personal matters) anyway. its a long story and not very exciting. today is monday. we still don't have a definite answer. jason spent his entire day tracking down higher-ups, trying to get approval. the brigade commander said yes, as long as the brigade S2 says yes. we're still waiting to hear that final yes. i called our travel agent this afternoon and told him the deal...he said we could hold off on payment until tomorrow morning. it's just cutting it a little too close for me!

in other news, we had a low key weekend. jason helped out with a work day for church on saturday, and i organized, did laundry, and got most of levi's stuff set out to pack. saturday night we went out to dinner with our friends, Pace & Emily. sunday was church and a church baby shower. we had a great time! yes, i said we! all the men were there too. it was a small, intimate group, but i think even the guys had fun. levi is already spoiled rotten! 

i've been making lists like crazy. thinking of all kinds of weird things that we need to do. for instance, we need to put the car seat in the car. :) some how i remembered to call the dog sitter this morning, and she is looking forward to keeping rudy. i did a target run today. there were so many little things i needed: a bottle brush, formula dispenser, pacifier (just in case we need it on the plane), extra bibs, vitamins (because i ran out of mine), dog biscuits, toothpaste, etc. 

i don't know if it has really sunk in yet. i find myself thinking about how levi constantly. has he grown since we saw him last? will he sleep through the night? how will the flight home be? and then other times i find myself thinking about what it will be like once we're home. getting ready for church on sunday mornings will be so different than it is now. i am beyond excited to bring my baby home. i know that life is about to change big time for us...but we're ready for it. we've waited a long time for this. 

hopefully i survive this week. i think the suitcases with the donations for the orphanage are mostly packed. i just need to pack for us. levi's stuff is all laid out, i just need to put it in his suitcase!!

that's all for now. a bunch of random rambling. i can't really focus on one thing for too long these days...

what i can focus i'm gonna see my baby SOON!!! 

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  1. Lindsay,
    You and Jason have been in my prayers through all of this and will continue to remain in them. I too agree that at times the army has too much control in personal matters and hope that Brigade and S2 give you the yes you are waiting on. It upsets me that at such a time like this you are having to deal with the army drama. There should be no reason regardless of what the command may think. On a brighter note, Kevin and I are beyond excited and happy for you and Jason. We cannot wait to hear that Levi is in your arms...forever...where he belongs! Good luck on your trip in a few days and congrats on finally bringing your baby boy home!