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Friday, March 25, 2011


well, we've been home since saturday. levi is napping so i'm taking advantage of some me time. although, as soon as i finish this post i need to fold laundry and mop the floor.

how are we doing? hanging in there. not because he's a bad baby but because I. AM. TIRED. wow! i think i'm over the jet-lag and he has slept all night 2 nights this week. so i don't really have a good excuse, but man am i tired. i guess its because there is a really cute little guy who needs me all day long. :) all things considered, Levi is doing great. people keep asking me how he's adjusting...but its really hard to tell. i think he's doing ok. he seems to still be that same happy baby we met in Ethiopia. he does want to be held all day long. but, i see that as a sign of attachment and maybe he's making up for lost time of being on his own. i don't know...i try to not pick him up every time he cries. he is sometimes content in his exersaucer, but not for too long. and sometimes he's ok in his high chair if he has things to play with. but again, not for too long. its hard to get things done unless he is napping. yesterday i came to the realization, that he isn't being a bad baby...i was just overly tired and out of my normal routine. plus, we came home to water damage. the hot water heater boiler (or something) busted while we were gone and the house smelled like mildew and there was water damage throughout our kitchen/hall bathroom/dining room. housing was able to come out and make the repairs on sunday afternoon, but they sent a cleaning service to dry up the water. that meant for the last 5 days we've had big blowers everywhere. that didn't help my mood. i like for my house to be clean and orderly for the most part. but, the blowers and repairmen in and out kept me from being able to clean. the guy finally came yesterday and picked up the blowers and i was able to mop! i hate mopping...but i felt SO much better after i had a clean floor and peace and quiet. those blowers are LOUD. so we're adjusting and getting used to our new routine. Levi is a cutie and we are in love with him. i feel bad for taking my frustrations with jet-lag and the water issues out on him. i probably gave some people the impression that he's a bad baby. he's not. i was just a mommy with a bad attitude. but...things are looking up!!

in other news: we took him to the doctor yesterday. i was anxious to get him checked out by a doctor here. he of course pooped on the way there and i had to change his diaper in the car. but, he was so good at the doctor's office. he babbled, smiled, and showed off for the nurses and the doctor. his scabies are all cleared up. he does have an ear infection now. and his congestion that he had when we got him from Hope is much better. he weighs 14.8 pounds. he is 25.6 inches long. and i forget how big his head is. he is under the 5th percentile in every category. the doctor was not worried and neither are we. he loves to eat and i'm sure will catch up in no time.

hopefully, i'll be able to post about the trip soon. i just wanted to recap how things were going since we've been home. our lives have changed big time, but we are loving every minute. he's such a sweet baby and his smile melts my heart. :)
the blowers

in the exersaucer. and yes. he got a haircut. jason cut it a couple of days ago. 

breakfast his first morning at home

headed to church on our first full day home. we were up, we figured we might as well go to church!


  1. So happy for you! He's adorable and I'm glad to hear everything is going well for you guys! :)

  2. Awww! I know the frustrations of the house--if its not one this, its the other--and we just want it clean! lol I know you are doing a wonderful as a new mommy! It'll take adjusting on everyones part. He's precious--I can't get enough of that smile!!!