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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2: spending time with Levi and a traditional meal out!

We are back at the guest house and waiting for dinner. Jason isn't sleeping...he's just resting his eyes, so I thought I'd send a little email while the computer was free. Today was a great day. We hung out with our cute little man this morning and again later this afternoon. He is such a sweet baby. We got there this morning during bottle time, so we were able to finish giving him his bottle. He is so happy and sweet and we love him to pieces. We take turns holding him and I hate when I have to hand him over to Jason! Another family from our guest house was at the transition home while we were there so they joined us for lunch. Our driver had his own lunch plans so he dropped us off at a little restaurant down the street from the guest house. The other family is from Ohio and have been such a blessing to be with. Its just the mom and the two kids they're adopting. The little girl is 8 and speaks english very well because she spent a lot of time with some missionaries. She was a huge help to us while ordering our food. It was a traditional Ethiopian meal but I'm not sure exactly what it was. It was a fun experience, that's for sure!! After lunch we had our driver take us to do some shopping. That was a crazy experience too! It was a little overwhelming to be honest with you. There are always people following us asking for money. And the shop owners jack up the prices because we are American. Luckily, Danny is there to help us out. He gets them to come down on their prices and tells us if its a good deal or not. He's very helpful and trustworthy. After that we went back to spend time with Levi. He was napping when we got there and he is soooooo cute when he's sleeping! Luckily he woke up right away. He was again, so happy!! I know I say that a lot, but he's seriously such a happy little guy. I'm amazed a what a good baby he is. I think I was afraid he'd cry the whole time and we wouldn't know what to do!! We played for awhile and just enjoyed being a cute little family of 3!! It's funny how I could just sit and stare at him for hours. One of the nannies brought in some kind of food for all of the babies so we were able to feed him. I have no idea what it was but it smelled like white gravy! He actually ate the whole bowl, which seemed huge to me, and this was the first time we have seen/heard him cry or get mad. Apparently we weren't feeding him fast enough. :) The nanny looked over and said, faster! We managed to feed him and not get too much food on him. But, I'm a real mom now because I'm wearing my son's drool and baby food all over MY shirt! As always, the time comes to leave. I hate saying goodbye to him and miss him the whole time we're not with him. We are really struggling with the jet lag/lack of sleep.

We have court tomorrow morning. Please pray that all goes well and we hear the judge say, "he's your's." We will also be meeting Levi's birth mom. I'm already emotional about meeting her so pray that it goes well and we can communicate our gratitude for her precious baby.

We've taken over 300 pictures! Can't wait to share them with you!! And thanks for all of the people who responded with his weight! :)

There is again a line for the computer, so I'm going to go.

love you all,
Lindsay and Jason

lunch with our new friends
a view of Levi Biniam's room


  1. I love how you had drool and baby food on you! A true induction into motherhood!!! :)

  2. LOL.. not feeding him fast enough? That was funny. I hope that meeting the birth mom is a smooth experience. I hope she is happy with the way this is working out and that she feels some relief and comfort in meeting you both and seeing your desire in wanting to give Levi everything that you have to give and more.