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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


so I'm behind, but this cute little guy just turned one on June 6!!

We had been in Tulsa for Jason's cousin's wedding reception, so since Levi's birthday was the next day, we just did a small family party at Jason's parents. It was really about the cake!! He tore into and was pretty funny to watch. I don't really think too much cake actually made its way into his mouth. At one point, he was taking it by the fistful and shoving it down his leg. We spent Monday, his actual birthday, at home reading and playing and doing what Levi's loves best. 
At one year old, Levi loves to read books. Really, he likes to listen to mommy read them while he is busy playing with toys or pulling more books off of the shelves. His favorite thing to do is to put small objects in and out of buckets, bowls, or whatever else is close by. He is pretty content to sit and play by himself. Sometimes I just sit back and watch and an amazed at his problem solving skills. He also has a pretty good attention span for a baby. He LOVES Rudy. He thinks that Rudy is funny no matter what is going on. Its of course, super fun to throw food down to Rudy during lunch and dinner, resulting in Rudy being put outside for mealtime. Levi also likes to clap his hands and wave bye-bye. He usually acts shy after he does it...but also seems proud of himself. His crawling like a champ and will walk anytime you give him the chance. He cruises around furniture and uses his little walker toy to go up and down the hall. I would say he loves to eat...but he can be pretty picky. One day he may like bread and the next act like its the most disgusting thing he's ever had in his mouth. 
We just got home from his one year check up. He weighs 18 pounds and 14 ounces!!! Thats 4 pounds more than when he came home. He's also 28 inches long and I forgot what his head is...but its in the 50th percentile. He's finally on the charts at 5% for height and weight. The doc said everything looks good and he's a happy, healthy boy! 
We love him to pieces and can't imagine our life without him. I often times think of his birth mom and wonder if she thinks about him. I'm so thankful for her and thankful that she had the courage to give him up. We are forever grateful to her. Levi brings us so much joy. We continue to pray that we will be good and wise parents and train him up in the way of the Lord. 

enjoy the rest of the pictures from his first birthday!

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